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Epiq Solutions designs and develops state-of-the-art, small form factor (SWaP- Size, Weight and Power) software defined radio (SDR) platforms and unique wireless applications that run on them.

With expertise from the antenna all the way to the user interface, Epiq Solutions develops radio platforms and applications to open up a new generation of radio capabilities for our customers.

Go to the Epiq Solutions website and learn more about their products including Sidekiq, Matchstiq, Skylight, ERA, Flying Fox and Spotlight.

Smith Myers develop and manufacture mobile systems for critical applications including their Artemis Cellular Search and Rescue Solution. Artemis has been designed to accurately locate mobile telephones in the challenging airborne SAR environment. The system is designed to maximise the ability to detect a phone at extended ranges and to provide unique capabilities whilst minimising crew workload.

Artemis offers a solution giving fast and accurate location, where previously the only option was "looking out of the window". Artemis uses a Software Defined Radio and cellular protocol stacks designed and developed by Smith Myers and optimized for the SAR role on a drone or helicopter.

Interested? Download the Artemis datasheet or contact Stratelo.

SRT provide our customers highly competitive, proprietary satellite and Wi-Fi based communication tools, disruptive products, integration and technical support services for our quickly expanding customer base across three distinct markets; Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement and commercial satellite operators and their DOD users.

For more information on SRT Group Products please contact Stratelo.

DeepSig is pioneering the use of deep learning to realize state-of-the-art signal processing and radio systems by developing fundamentally new approaches for the design and optimization of wireless communications. By creating new tools, algorithms, and approaches for signal processing systems, DeepSig is able to achieve unparalleled results in system performance.

For more information on Deepsig please contact Stratelo.

IAS is a market leader in the design, development, and implementation of software and hardware based IP networking router solutions that specifically target the National Security Agency’s (NSA) Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Program.

IAS has followed the NSA’s CSfC security design principles for the layering of commercial off-the-shelf security appliances to protect classified information while in transit. The IAS STEW communications solution and the IAS KG-RU are the ONLY single device/dual VPN Gateway appliances that have received placement on the NSA CSfC Component List.

For more information on IAS please contact Stratelo.

The Covert Forensic Imaging Device or CFID from SGC Canada was designed for forward operating military, intelligence, and law enforcement users who need a simple, small and inconspicuous solution for forensic imaging of portable media, SIM cards, iOS and Android devices, UAV/drone flight logs, active & deleted files and much more. The CFID is an operator friendly, hand-held solution that will improve digital intelligence collection while reducing time on target.

Want to know more? Download the datasheet or contact Stratelo.

UPM and their associated group companies provide mobile gateways and telecommunication services including global SMS and Voice delivery to all major networks.

Want to know more?  Contact Stratelo.

Do you need help deciding what network equipment and configuration you require? Stratelo is an authorised Cisco reseller and we can help. 

Today, Cisco products are the networking foundations for service providers, small to medium business and enterprise customers which includes corporations, government agencies, utilities and educational institutions.

For help with your networking requirements?  Contact Stratelo.

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